How to Save Money on Appliance Repairs

The repair actually starts when the tech phones ahead to notify the customer of the arrival time.
A friendly tone of voice and calm demeanor shows respect and can even make the visit enjoyable. Before the technician arrives have the appliance to be worked on accessible and clear of any toys, clothing, food, etc. in order to save time.

When the tech arrives a sincere smile and a little conversation helps to put both parties at ease.

Most repair technicians are on a tight schedule so don’t make them wait by talking on the phone or doing other work kenmore dishwasher repair los angeles. Concentrate on getting them set up for the repair by offering them a rug or towel if they don’t have one. This can save damage to floors and appliances. An otherwise successful repair visit can be ruined by a damaged appliance or floor due to dropped parts or tools. It’s also a good idea to have several older towels within easy reach in case of leaking water. Be familiar with water supply shutoffs and electrical panel locations so the tech doesn’t have to spend extra time finding them.

Explain the problem(s) you’re having with the appliance fully and clearly. Make sure that you let the tech know all of the problems. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to wait until near the end of the repair to let them know of another problem that the appliance is having. Be truthful and concise when giving any warranty or extended service plan information. Most repair technicians have manufacturer telephone numbers they can call to ask for repair or parts coverage but are unlikely to make the effort if the customer is not truthful about the purchase date or service protection. Have proof of purchase available. If proof of purchase is not available have the phone number of the dealer where the appliance was purchased. Allow the tech to talk directly to the dealer so he or she can ask any pertinent questions about model numbers and dates.

If the repair is not under warranty ensure that the technician gives you an estimate before proceeding with the repair to avoid any misunderstanding with the bill. Repair companies generally require this but it can be forgotten. Keep in mind that there may be a trip charge even if you don’t accept the repair. Ask the tech if there is another trip charge if the repair can’t be done on the first trip.

Repair techs carry many parts in their trucks. If the part is not on the truck many times there are parts dealers close enough to get the part. Technicians like to repair the appliance on the first trip and many will take the extra effort to call the parts dealer to see if parts are available instead of ordering the part.

After the repair is started don’t crowd or keep watching the tech do the work. Many people don’t perform well when they feel they are being watched. If you are curious how the repair is done ask the tech if they would mind or if they are uncomfortable with you watching.

Residential and commercial appliance repair is a rewarding vocation. The freedom, variety and different personalities of the customers can make it a fun job. Nobody likes to call for repair but there are not many reasons that both the customer and the technician can’t be satisfied with the outcome of the repair.


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